Faith Promise- Color Logo


What Is Faith Promise?

*An agreement between you and God
*Above your current total giving
*For one year
*To help pay the building fund

What Does Faith Promise Mean?

*NOT a pledge to the church
*Is a promise to the Lord
*Committing by faith through prayer to believe & trust God to supply
*Actively looking for God’s provision

Who Should Participate?

*Every individual
*Older adults, younger adults, students & children
*Those who already give
*Those who are not currently giving

How Is My Faith Promise Supplied?

*God can supply in dramatic and unexpected ways
*God will lead you to reorder your priorities
*God will show creative ways to generate income for giving

How Do I Make a Faith Promise?

*PRAY: Ask God how much He would have you give
*PROMISE: Commit yourself to take a step of faith
*PROVIDE: Consistently and faithfully return what God supplies
*PRAISE: Rejoice as God faithfully enables